My name is Bára, I come from the godforsaken part of the Czech republic - Rychleby mountains, north-east of the country, very close to Polish border and very far from big cities. Though I love my home, I partly live in Norway. Scandinavia has always been my second home and my love for this country is constantly growing. The city of Tromsø, far behind the polar circle, is where you will find me with a big (frozen) smile on my face. 

I am a fine-art photographer, focusing mostly on portraits and landscapes, very often combined into "landscape portrait". But I am interested in many other styles. One of the things I love about photography is the fact how wide the range of styles is. I can create all the kinds of stuff based on my actual feelings, lifestyle and mindset. Nature has always been the biggest inspiration for me. So are the emotions. I like to capture that in my images. Also enjoy editing quite a lot, the way I can play with the mood and colours in the editor is very interesting for me. Sometimes I can spend long hours editing one picture, which can result in something completely different than the original image. I like such experiments and I am always eager to learn new editing techniques. That doesn't mean that all the pictures are heavily edited though. Of course that sometimes the moment I capture is nice just the way it is. And to be honest - at the end, those pictures are my most favourite. 

Besides photography I enjoy many other things. Mostly all the different outdoor activities, currently I am quite passionate long distance runner. But I often do also rock-climbing, hiking and biking. And is chilling a sport too? ;) I am organizing one of the biggest Czech trail running races in my home area. I enjoy writing, reading, story telling in general. I love art, history and psychology. And cats. And food. 

I use Sony equipment, currently Sony A7R III. GM lenses and a also some pieces from Sigma art series. In past I used to shoot with Nikon DSLR. Mirrorless camera has overcame my expectations and I don't have to worry about many issues that my DSLRs had. 

I am still not really sure where my photography journey will take me. But so far I really enjoy to explore everything that I am able to see through the viewfinder. 

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