Spring on Vesteralen and Lofoten

matind-view.jpgIn the last article about the travels to beautiful island of Senja in Norway, I compared this piece of land with nearby Lofoten. Lofoten are awesome and very spectacular, but also very famous. Therefore there are many tourists, mainly in the summer. And there are many people, who prefer to visit places, which
aren't too well-known and overcrowded. But don't worry, there is still a chance to see Lofoten without people. You just have to go there when everyone else rather stays home. Autumn, winter, spring... I chose spring this time. The first time I was there was March 2012 and the islands were beautifully empty. Then we were there again in the summer and the atmosphere was completely different. Cars and buses full of tourists everywhere. And it was 5 years ago before Instagram was famous. Honestly I can't imagine how all the iconic places look now, when every social media influencer is posting his photos from Lofoten. I just really like when I can enjoy the beauty of these places alone, when I don't have to wait in the line for a picture. And how to do it? Off-season travelling is the answer.

I had a posibillity of travelling to Norway for a few days in April. My boyfriend was in Norway for a month already, so I could fly there and travel home with him by car. I've never been to Norway in April, so I said yes. Actually, there is never NO, when I have a chance to go to Norway. The spring has just started in my homeland, Czech Republic, but this should have last only a week, so I wouldn't miss anything. So even though I love spring, I voluntarily travelled back to winter. I had shitload of work before the travel, but the flight ticket always is the best motivation for working. It was worth it. And it pays also with a little bit of irony, because the engine of our car broke on the way home. But you can read more about this at the end of this article... :)

I worked like an idiot in March. The week before the travel I started to feel the panic and I slept only about 2-3 hours daily to finish everything and have a clear head. Because it sucks to be in the amazing nature, but hearing that stupid whisper back in your head telling you that you should be rather by your computer. It's quite interesting to see the progress of the productivity, when there is a certain deadline and big motivation. In my case, this motivation was a flight ticket to the most beautiful Norwegian city - Tromsø. It was the second time for me when I sat in a plane, so I was looking forward even more. I sat next two strange but very funny guys on the flight from Prague to Olso. They had really bad jokes, the same kind of humor as I have, so I couldn't resist to laugh with them, even though usually I'm very reserved in the company of strangers. When we were quite close from Oslo, they stared with really black humor about terrorism, bombs and about some kind of huge screwdriver, which they forgot in they hand luggage, so they were almost arrested in Prague. I really hoped people around us are Norwegains and that they don't understand a word. The plane was shaking a lot while landing. Both of them took a bag in case they would like to vomit and stopped talking. Well, at least there was some fun on my was to Oslo.
Let do Tromsø je uplně jiný a klidný. Skoro celé Norsko je jako vymetené. Je zvláštní vidět tu obrovskou členitou krajinu z letadla a být ve městě, kam jsme v zimě jeli 5 dní, z Prahy za 4 hodiny. Kouzlo zkazí jen fakt, že mi nepřijel batoh, přestože jsem byla v Praze jasně ujištěna, že mi ho v Oslo automaticky přeloží. Tohle už se stalo při příletu dvěma známým a konečně aspoň už vím, kde je chyba, takže pokud někdo v Norsku budete přestupovat na vnitrostátní linku, můžu vám poradit, co udělat, aby zavazadlo přiletělo s vámi, a nemuseli jste čekat jak idioti do druhého dne ve stejných hadrech. Neb v Praze v tom mají bordel. Skoro jsem jim napsala hodně nabroušený e-mail, měli jediné štěstí, že jsem moc nebyla na internetu a mezitím jsem tedy vychladla.

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