Colorful Armenia

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zoratskarer.jpgThis autumn I was lucky to travel quite a lot. First, I got a spontaneous idea to travel to autumn Norway and I decided to finally go to Armenia right after I'm back. Which means I wasn't at home not even 24 hours and I was sitting on a plane. Why Armenia? I always wanted to see this part of the world. But at the same time, it never was high enough on my travel list so I never did. Until one day I suddenly found an advertisemet on Facebook that was saying there is an oranization which provides grants for travels to this beautiful country. So I told to myself: Why not? I will try next time the grant is open. Then I diminished two chances to submit my project. I almost forgot about it, but then I found the webpage again in 2017 and I saw the grants are opened at the time. I always struggle with deadlines so I was writing my project literally 20 minutes before the grant was closing. I sent it and as usual - I totally forgot about it.  more

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